Characteristics of the festival:

In the last years, it can be noticed that the standard of organ performing art in the world is getting higher and it has achieved such level as never before. Organ has become an international musical instrument. It is also indicated by the fact that the students of organ playing at the top European universities and music academies come from various countries from all over the world.

The leading theme of the festival is the idea of linking the European countries and different cultures through the organ art.One of the main aims of the festival is to promote organ art and to give the young artists from different European countries some space to present themselves. Thus the audience will be able to discover the beauty of organ art and to confront individual performances.

The festival consists of five Sunday concerts. Each of the concerts is played by an organist from different country. The programme of each concert consists of organ works from baroque up to the recent compositions.

Venue 1: The Piarist Church of St. Ladislav in Nitra.

It is the biggest church in the city of Nitra, the usual place for the concerts. In 2005 the old 2-manual organ was rebuilt and extended into a 3-manual organ. 

Disposition of the organ in the Piarist Church in Nitra Disposition of the organ in the Piarist Church in Nitra

Venue 2: The Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Nitra.

Since December 2008, there is a new two-manual organ with a very fine mechanic action by Austrian builder Pflüger. 

Organ Disposition Organ Disposition

Time of happening: Sundays, end of April – end of May (5 Sundays in row), at 7pm.